Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Spotted : Finalist Daun Muda CP 2009!

Incredible task from Citra Pariwara 2009 for Daun Muda Competition. And we, me and my partner in crime : Yana, fell in love with the task it self and doing all the characterizing of our son named Innosanto Sulistyo Halim with love and passion, and rolling an online campaign about valueing our diversity as a honest human kind called akubedakarena via twitter and facebook group.

"Just loose it", it was our motto and it was easier for us because we already LOVE our son! But it takes us to become one of the 10 finalist teams!! We were not make it to the big three, but what we have got here was not just an award. It's bigger than that! We realise that world's changing and it change very FAST. And keep ourself openminded with the changes, valueing every single little thing, learn every second in life, it's a must. Creativity in advertising are borderless. 

Thank you everyone who supports us for all this time, and thank you Citra Pariwara 2009! Big Love!!

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