Senin, 25 Juli 2011

They draw and travel : A Slice of Jakarta


TVC : Bank Danamon HUT 55 tahun

55 years Bank Danamon.

The 90 secs version airing 15 July - 15 August 2011 in national TV stations and Pay-TVs. Also screening in the cinema. And the 3 versions of 60 secs and 3 versions of 30 secs randomly.

I love it! :)

Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Penjahat Kelamin -series

Sketches of 9 penis monsters. Black marker on ice cream sticks display in a black wooden panel.

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

DIY: Bondage T-shirt.

Having an insomnia. And this white t-shirt and a black marker save my night. Inspiration from my manga-porn artist Gengoroh Tagame.